Sunday, July 31, 2016


Wild seas. Salty lips. Sandy toes. White surf. Sea spray. Hidden coves.

One after another... Wherever I go for a weekend or holiday in England it never stops to amaze me. The views, the beauty and nature are incredible. 
I'm looking at those pictures a couple of months after we came back from Cornwall and I fell like visiting it again. We've seen wild seas. We had salty lips and sandy toes. There was the sea spray and a bit of rain but any weather is good for travelling. Sometimes you can even experience the atmosphere of a place better when it drizzles a little. At the end of the day English landscapes without English weather wouldn't be the same. 

Usually I download my pictures according to themes - nature, people, city... This time I'm giving you a total mix and I love it. I think I love it so much cause it reminds me of that carefree weekend spent in a cool place with a person who is closest to my heart. There's nothing more you want from life, isn't it?


Last spring I made a list of things to do. Bluebell valley was one of them... So I can definitely say: go to Cornwall and make you wishes come true.

I also had a list of things "must eat" in Cornwall. With a smile on my face I tried cornish pasty and had a wonderful cream tea. 

Sea spray.

The best cream tea ever. Nothing tastes so good like a little bit of scone with clotted cream and jam while admiring a small cornish town. 

His arms feel like home.


Pictures A&S - matching halves

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