Thursday, April 06, 2017

Cornish dream

Last year I travelled for the first time to Cornwall and as I love nature, cliffs and hiking I immediately fell in love with it. We stayed in St Ives and enjoyed beautiful views of seaside every day.

This year it was high time to explore a different part of the coast so we headed to Killigarth near Polperro. Location was definitely more stunning cause we lived 3 minutes from the cliff but the branches hitting our caravan at night left me sleepless so remember - either you have a peaceful sleep or a cliff just behind your house. If anyone is going to Cornwall and needs a good budget accommodation with cute kitchen and dishwasher do not heists to call or message me - I found a pretty cool one which I can definitely recommend!

I'll start showing you adventures from the second day cause the first day was not something we expected but about that later. 

On the second day we visited King Arthur for dinner. Sadly, we were not punctual so instead of sipping wine in the castle we started exploring nearby cliffs which look magnificent (actually, all cliffs look stunning if I start thinking about it). 

Enough talking. See the beautiful landscapes surrounding Tintagel castleđź–¤

Passing not so bad views on the way!

Merlin's cave

Look at the water colour...

Cliff poems

Wild at heart <your photographer> captured by S.

Slow city life

I simply love it. How about you?

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