Monday, May 08, 2017

welcome to the fairy tale

Welcome to the world of fairies and woodland and prepare yourself for a fair amount of pictures! 

There's been a time when I could spend long hours on Pinterest jumping from one board to another looking for beautiful pictures, inspiration, recipes and so on... That is why I have a place to visit saved on my Pinterest in almost every part of England. So when I decide to go on holiday I have a cheatsheet which comes in handy. That's how I found St Nectan's Glen - an amazing forest with even more amazing waterfall hidden among the trees. 

There are few legends assigned to this place. One of them says that Saint Nectan was ringing a silver bell during storm to warn ships approaching the coast about the the rocks at the mouth of the Rocky Valley.

Before you get to the waterfall you go along the path in the forest. There's so much greenery. Oh, I just loved it! Although I try staying in greener places daily in the city there's nothing better than nature all around you. It's so calming and relaxing.     

So here we go - St Nectan's Glen <3

It's always better together.

I really liked the wooden path which was looking like something that truly belong there. It was not spoiling the view of the forest in any way. So thumbs up for the designer!

Woodland walk to St Nectan's Kieve

It looks like a fairy tale from the moment you cross the gate. 


The place is considered as sacred by many people. That's why you can find many ribbons tied to trees, colourful pebbles, boards with memorials, photographs, crystals, prayers, stacks of flat rocks which are known as fairy stacks. That explains the presence of fairies at every corner but it's totally cute!

The waterfall is 60 foot tall and the river cut its way through the basin which was there in the past creating this wonderful landscape. Pictures are not showing it that much but the place is amazing. When you stand in front of the waterfall and you look up it gives an impression that walls are going to fall in a second. 

You will also need wellies in order to see the waterfall cause it is hidden between the rocks. The shop provides them unless you want to grab your cool Hunters which will look very stylish in the pictures - just sayin'!

Cute fairies! Aren't they lovely?

I think that our every visit to Cornwall can be summarised with one simple sentence: a day without cream tea is a day wasted. We couldn't resist to have one in this wonderful place. Indeed, the scone was super tasty and the clotted cream... mmm...

We had a friend as well who was waiting for every little crumble of a bun falling on the ground. He knew what's best.

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