Sunday, March 04, 2018

smoke bomb session with Tropicalication

When Kasia told me she will be coming over from Switzerland to visit me I was like - wow! That's super cool! I'm so excited! 
Straight away I rushed over and bought smoke bombs because Kasia is my favourite friend who always likes my ideas for pictures and she is also my favourite model who is always up for a photoshoot. There was only one problem - it was supposed to rain all day on Saturday and on Sunday she was going back home. So we waited for Sunday. We had approximately 20 minutes to shoot some insanely good smoke bomb pictures, play with light and prism and take some portraits. I won't be very modest now - we nailed it. 

Oh... and Kasia has a very cool travel blog - don't forget to visit Tropicalication today and read about her adventures.

You will probably say - nothing special, just a canal and some trees. But I spotted a beautiful light and made it our backdrop which was definitely a good choice.

And of course a bonus - us by Mr S.