Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas time in London part 1

If you are coming to the capital during Christmas time I think Winter Wonderland is a place which is worth seeing for its atmosphere. It gives you a feeling of being a bit kitsch and they are trying to make it a "German" kind of a market but I believe it is London's Christmas must see. It is interesting for its kitsch I would even say. I think it's a place which is just making people happy in this festive season. Normally I'm a person who doesn't like kitsch but sometimes it happens even to me that I get attracted to a place like that. Or maybe it is just a way of seeing everything I haven't seen before and experiencing it.  

Pictures which you can see below were taken last year but it would be pretty nice to visit it this year too. Also, Winter Wonderland is celebrating 10 years this year.

There are few attraction I would recommend: ride on the Observation Wheel, iceskating (here I'll mention that the skates are a little bit uncomfortable - little did we know about it before deciding to skate so remember to wear thick socks), festive food and mulled wine/beer. In the very centre you will find a small Christmas Market where presents may be purchased but in general it's all about eating and having fun on the rides. Those are spots I have seen and I can recommend but there are many more attractions there depending on your age. 

Favourite festive food - crepe with nutella and banana

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