Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas time in London part 2

"As twilight falls the magic begins..."

My absolutely Top 1 on the Christmas to do list. 

Since I started working in Kew and saw a poster "Christmas at Kew" I wanted to go there. It didn't happen first year but second year was planned better when it comes to ticking off the places to visit during Christmas period. The ticket for night entrance to Kew Gardens to see the lights will cost you about £20 but in my opinion it is worth what you pay for. The garden is partly closed and you can only use the "light trail" which is bright, colourful and there's always something new around the corner. I would say everyone will find something interesting there. My favourite was mistletoe corner, hanging lights and palm house lit up with different colours. Actually, I can say I liked everything and I think I didn't meet a person who wouldn't like Christmas trail in Kew. This year the attraction will be open until 2nd January 2017.

From the technical point of view tripod is quite necessary to take sharp and good quality pictures. I did not take it because I was supposed to enjoy the views but I ended up enjoying them through the viewer in my camera. 

I hope you will enjoy at least some of those pictures. 


Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas everyone!

My favourite type of carousel in any funfair. I love the fact that they look so vintage and in fact they are. It was always my dream to ride one of those - I guess I need to make my dream come true this year. I would say it is unfulfilled childhood dream because they have different types of attractions in funfairs where I was brought up so I could never ride this one. At least I've got another thing to tick off my list of things to do.

Not really my favourite one but I think children will be delighted to see those vivid colors.

Huge Christmas tree. So big that it didn't fit in the frame.

Mistletoe - couldn't miss that. 
Unfortunately rain was hitting my lens and the wind was moving the mistletoe.

My bonus (and my favourite spot - it's pretty cool to pass under those lights):

Ann by S

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