Sunday, January 08, 2017

Pink castle and a dog

It is a story about a friendly dog and pink castle. 

Once upon a time Anna decided to go on a trip. She took her family and friends with her. Her friend came with Sisi - red haired cocker spaniel who is always very lively. They all got into small Mini and started the journey to pink castle. As Tom Tom never fails Anna put the post code and left London behind for the day full of adventures. Usually when they all go to the new place there's some adventure on the way. It was all going smoothly until Tom Tom asked the driver to go into a very narrow road - very typical - but luckily they arrived to the destination where they saw a sign "STAFF ONLY - NO VISITORS ALLOWED AT THIS GATE". Seeing no other gate they trespassed... Everything ended well cause the pink beauty was waiting for them just around the corner - Herstmonceux Castle. 

Be patient I won't show you the pictures of the castle just yet. First see those beautiful colors (green and ginger) - I just love them.

Blonde beauty.

And here it comes - Herstmonceux Castle which in fact is not as pink as in the pictures I watched before but it is still amazing. It's a castle not as popular as Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle which is making it much peaceful. The small cafe sells good coffee and I've got a very important information for you - if you want a tour around the castle buy the tickets after you arrive - if you fail to do it you might be quite surprised that the tickets were all sold out like it happened to us. Although if you arrive at the right gate you will be informed that tickets are sold at first come first served basis. People who trespass do not get a chance to hear that so they need to be punished somehow. 
No regrets - the gardens are very pleasant and the castle itself is different than other castles so we spend time wandering around.

You will find a sculpture exhibition ("shop") in the gardens - that's for art lovers.

Cookies - that's for sweets lovers.

A couple of hours later another adventure awaited - we were told about the beautiful view from a hill in Hastings. The driver decided - let us go to Hastings and see the neighbourhood. The hill is few steps up or for tired wanderers there's a lift which takes you there. Come I'll show you...

Our Sisi found a friend and it was a very happy time for her.

The view's not bad as well. In fact I would say it's cool and the small ice-cream van is tempting with Magnum and so on...

Sometimes people are surprised...

... and dogs tired.

Sadly, here the trip is coming to an end - that was a wonderful day...

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