Wednesday, August 09, 2017

expecting - B&M&M

I strongly believe there are these happiest moments in life and one of them is revealing that you will be a parent. The news brings so much joy that people are radiating with happiness. 

I bet you will be able to see the glowing eyes and little smiles on today's couple photo shoot I would like to present you. 
At the beginning there was a shade of disappointment at the change of our location due to rain but in the end who doesn't like relaxing at home and sipping a cup of warm tea when there's pouring with rain outside? Another reason I love in house photo sessions is that people are more natural because they are in the environment they know. Here goes then... an amount of pictures I probably haven't shared with you so far here.
Meet beautiful mamma to be B, her wonderful daughter M and the happiest father to be (also M). I loved looking at their happiness when I was taking pictures. 


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