Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lavender field love

With this post I’ll start a series of summer throwback pictures - I guess there’ll be many posts like that because my summer this year was one of the bests.
Lavender field sessions proved to be quite popular because let’s face it- who doesn’t like to be surrounded by beautiful flowers? I booked two of such photo shoots last summer but unfortunately only one of them came through. I was so sad that Beata didn’t have her chance to do it because she was really excited about that idea but we couldn’t beat English weather. Instead they had pretty cool home shoot -> you can check it out here.

There are two lavender fields in my area - Mayfield Lavender and Hitchin Lavender out of which I only visiter Mayfield Lavender where I took pictures you can see below. 

Ahhh... What a joy it was to photograph such a beautiful family. I love photographing children so much because they are natural and the emotions visible in the pictures are priceless. I managed to snap few pictures of parents on their own, too. Just look at how happy and beautiful they are...

These in between moments <3

A so called 'SANDWICH'

Few details

Find bumble bee

You must try these when you will be there -> lavender scone and frappe <3

And a bonus... My S takes pretty decent pictures, too!

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