Saturday, November 11, 2017

summer in London

I think that my passion for photography started with admiring beautiful portraits and candid pictures but this is not where it ends. I also love more than anything else taking travel pictures. It doesn’t matter if I travel far or if I visit a city where I live now - the most exciting thing is getting to know new places and storing those memories with pictures. Saying that I must say that pictures I’m just editing are pictures of the most amazing summer so far. I worked very long hours but in my free time I travelled loads <3 
Today I want to show you few snaps of the place I fell in love with long long time ago which has later become my home- London. I do not live in London anymore but I visit it often and it will always be a special place for me. It is also such a diverse and big city that it doesn’t matter how many times you’ll come - you’ll always find new places to discover. 
Below you can see a very cliche part of London - Big Ben, London Eye and so on but because I’ve visited them so many times I think I look at them in a different way as well.

Enjoy the best of London.

First stop - Victoria and Albert Museum

The highlight of the tour - very interesting installation of sparkling lights - very girly.

Cafe with amazing decor 

-> Harrods

So typical - advertising for Christmas when you can't breathe cause it's that hot in the middle of the summer.

The best stop during the whole day - The Sky Garden - highly recommend to everyone visiting London.

You need to wait a bit before you get in but it's totally worth it.

St Paul's Cathedral

Tate Modern

The Globe

On the way for more sightseeing

Borough Market

<3 seeing this motivational quotes on the underground

Emirate's Cable Cars 

From London Eye

And to top it off epic sunset

On that day Big Ben stopped working for renovation 

Congratulations if you made it to the end!

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  1. Lovely images Anna. We should go to V&A together one day!